Always in line with our philosophy that innovation is one of the main elements in providing high-quality technical services, we thought that to participate in the MIR 2017 event was for us a great opportunity.

The 2017 edition – enriched with sectors specifically dedicated to the congress world, thanks to the presence of numerous dealers with which CP Centro Pilota has been working with for a long time – gave us a chance to see how much influence the entertainment industry has on our work.

This year particular attention was given to bringing together producers, professional operators and specialized audiences.

We attended very interesting workshops, seminars and conferences focused on the use of multimedia and connectivity in the workplace.

Of particular interest were the insights into the value of legality and the dignity of work ethics for businesses and partners at all levels.

We would like to thank Monaco Italia and our friend Fulvio for the kind invitation.

We were also pleased to meet Emiliano P. (Music&Light), Paolo A. (Exhibo) and Ruggero F. (Sisme).