About us

To tell you who we are, we will start with what we are not: mere service providers. We have much more to offer because we know how to give proper value to our work and yours.

Since 1969, we have been operating in the events industry in Rome, providing dedicated audiovisual solutions for congresses, conferences, conventions, meetings, and corporate presentations. Throughout our journey, we have analyzed, studied, and set up hundreds of venues, which we now know like the back of our hand. Many years of experience have not turned our work into routine. We approach each new assignment as a challenge, with curiosity, enthusiasm, and openness.

By choosing to rely on CP Centro Pilota, you can count on a pool of over 90 potential venues, among which we will guide you in choosing the most suitable one for your needs.

Our team is our true potential!

We find the answers to your needs. Our Core Team is the resource on which you can always rely on, along with a hand-picked selection of highly skilled external consultants and expertise.

Eric Bassanesi
Eric BassanesiCEO
Eclectic and versatile, he has capitalized on his experience in communication and theater giving your project “heart and soul.”
Michelle Bassanesi
Michelle BassanesiHead of the Finance Department
Entrepreneurial and resilient, an excellent motivator, and the driving force of “CP Centro Pilota” alongside Eric, on a path focused on constant innovation and improvement.
Fabio Smacchi
Fabio SmacchiTechnical Manager - Logistics and Programming
Competent, with great listening skills and excellent communication skills, able to establish rapport and communicate with clients and suppliers, whilst clearly planning each project from the start.
Amelia Villano
Amelia VillanoAdministrative Secretary
Attempts to find the answer to questions and is the person you can always rely on.
Staff photos by Solange Souza.

Staff photo by Solange Souza

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