CP Centro Pilota has long pursued practices for the sustainability and efficiency of Audio Video services with the aim of reducing the environmental impact. The main objective is to avoid waste of energy and materials through the use of equipment as eco-friendly as possible.

For this reason, ENEA (the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) contacted us through our new Website asking us to integrate our technical services for the organization of the Workshop “Together to Strengthen the Safety and Prevention of Fire and Explosion Risks: Safety of Electrochemical Storage Systems”, held at the Historical Museum of the Italian Air Force of Vigna di Valle (Bracciano, Rome).

The two Authorities provided their respective competences in order to strengthen safety and improve the prevention of fire and explosion risks.

The safety management of innovative electrochemical storage systems based on lithium-ion and high-temperature sodium technologies was the focus of the event. During the workshop the acquired knowledge, the results of experimental tests, the first results of the Risk Analysis applied to the accumulation systems, the incidental cases and the technical and legal standards were illustrated.

The rapid evolution of the electrochemical storage market, together with the strong involvement of the population and their exposure to risks, have made it necessary and urgent to compare these issues in order to find solutions to the existing critical situation. The initiative is aimed at disseminating the results of the activities achieved up to now by ENEA, those carried out in collaboration with the CNVVF and those that could be entrusted to University institutions thanks to the contribution of the MiSE – Research of the Electrical System. The event was marked by a round table during which the speakers were able to answer the main questions of the participants.

In consideration of the topic treated, CP Centro Pilota was present as technical sponsor, given the sensitivity of our company to environmental issues so much to realize the GREEN MEETINGS section.